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Are human video editors still needed in 2023?🫣

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Are human video editors still needed in 2023?

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to the development of various video editing tools and apps that can simplify the process of editing videos. And guess what!? Most of them are way cheaper than hiring a video editor.

However, there are several reasons why hiring a human video editor is still preferable to relying solely on AI-powered tools and apps. 😉 Here are the top three key reasons:

Unlike AI-powered tools, a human editor can understand the intended message and tone of your video and tailor the editing accordingly. 👑

They can also make creative decisions based on their experience and expertise to make your video stand out.

A HUMAN editor is more adept at catching mistakes and inconsistencies than AI-powered tools.

While AI-powered tools can identify and correct errors, a human editor's attention to detail 🧐 and critical thinking skills 🧠 enable them to spot inconsistencies in lighting, sound, and transitions that may be overlooked by AI.

They can also ensure that your video flows smoothly and effectively conveys your intended message.

Despite careful planning, changes can occur, and a human video editor is better equipped to handle them than AI-powered tools. 💪 A human editor can make creative decisions on the spot to ensure that your video still achieves your goals. AI-powered tools may require retraining and take up more time and effort to adjust to unexpected changes.

So, back to the question >> Are human video editors still needed in 2023?

If you don't have the budget yet, and you have enough time to create, here are some great tools that can help you save some money (for hiring a video editor, of course!! 😁):

In conclusion, AI-powered video editing tools and apps can be helpful, but they cannot replace the personal touch, attention to detail, and creative expertise of a human video editor.👑 If you want your video to stand out and effectively communicate your intended message, hiring a human video editor is still the best choice.


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